September 8, 2009

san francisco – i think i love you!

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i can’t quite get over the incredible diversity and quality that pervades the food scene, or scenes, throughout san francisco.  so it seems appropriate to jot down a few words as i’m getting set to leave – in honour of a great city and in memory of some great food.

one of the highlights was a running meal, with each course in a different, and completely exceptional, restaurant.  made all the better by the company of audrey selian and jeff tuller from social markets we kicked off at la mar, the infamous peruvian cebicheria.  cebiche of the finest and freshest quality blew our minds and left us reeling as we headed from pier 1.5 to the ferry building and into the slanted door.  the selection of vietnamese fusion, made famous by a visit from bill clinton a while back, was world class (though they could learn a thing or two from the summer rolls in cay tre on old street in london!) and topped off with labor day fireworks over the water.  then on to epic for a caramel salted chocolate pudding that left us all on the floor, dribbling…  where else in the world will you find three world class places to eat, all within five minutes walk of each other?  it pains me to say it but san francisco knocks the spots off london as a city of food…

other phenomenal places to eat include flour and water.  way south and in an industrial backwater it’s on par with the best osterias you’ll find in italy.  phenomenal. (dear mayra – thanks – and see you next year!)

then there’s a16, another world class italian that left us (me and the nexii team) reeling from the quality and simpicity  of the food.

and yuzu, a small sushi bar down a side street serving mindblowingly fresh fish.

dont forget tataki, the world’s first sustainable sushi restaurant, serving equally fresh and guilt free marine produce.

plus there is a wealth of street food – well close to street food – to savour.  top of these is el farolito, right down in mission and as good as being in mexico city.  also not to be missed are the multiple dim sum joints in china town – serving world class dim sum from early morning through to lunch.  there’s no better way to start the day than to share a table with an 85 year old noodle slurping local giving you recommendations of what to eat and how…

in fact – what am i doing here???  breakfast calls!!!


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