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Life is in something of a state of flux right now…  After three years at Ashoka I’ve moved on.  It’s been a great journey and a big learning curve – but it’s time for new challenges.  I’ve turned my focus to developing a number of new-start social finance and technical assistance facilities for global social enterprise, third and conservation sector development.

One of these new initiatives I’m looking at is focussed around marine entrepreneurship.  With 71% of the world’s surface covered by water and 80% of fish stocks fished out the marine environment represents one of the greatest of the tragedies of the commons but also one of the greatest opportunities to address climate change through positive environmental management.  Hundreds of thousands of communities currently engage in exploitative extraction techniques when they could be managing for positive environmental AND economic benefit.  The work of organisations such as Blue Ventures and those showcased in Central’s Future of Fish project is inspiring me to look at this area and develop what’s needed to move such activity to meaningful scale…

Another idea I’m just starting to explore is around developing a new, actively managed, donor advisory fund for philanthropists.  And I have a few other embryonic ideas on the drawing board to get working on…

I am also engaged in strategy consulting, advisory and teaching roles.

One project that I just completed was structuring a foundation for an emerging markets private equity fund.  I’m also actively working with arrange of social enterprises and small business looking at growth strategies, restructures and financing.

Oh yes – and I’m loving tutoring on the School for Social Entrepreneurs 2009 course for the first time.  In addition to this I’m reading and studying around the area of psychodynamic and organisational dynamics.  Fascinating stuff in relation to what I seem to do best – shaking up organisations at the interface of the charitable and corporate worlds…!

I’m also part of the team that looks after a memorial fund for a good friend, Sarah Dodds, who died in a cycling accident last year.  We’ve raised some cash and are continuing with one, well actually two, of Sarah’s passions – supporting fantastic people early in their careers to get into the third sector and using these good folk to support early stage social enterprises to go to significant scale.  You can find out all about this initiative here including applying to be one of the people or organisations supported.

Watch this space…



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